What is a MomSomm?

Well for one…it’s literal. When my youngest was 4 months old, I became a Sommelier. And no, I don’t just mean, I took the test (because that doesn’t mean you are a Sommelier). It means you can pass a test (and I did that too). What can I say, I believe in real work experience. It’s an opinion and it’s mine…so there. This also suggests that I’m completely #$*&@+! crazy because who would become a Sommelier with two kids under 3???? WHO would do everything backwards. ME..that’s who. Yes I worked the floor, and fact is, I worked in hospitality for most of my life.

And two (to continue the ‘literal’ speak), it’s MomSomm cuz ‘Mom” will ALWAYS come first.

Get ready for a journey of Momlife and Sommlife.


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